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Published on December 12th, 2015 | by Brandon Engel


The 6 Best Star Wars Games Of All Time

Star Wars is a cultural product whose classic appeal remains unparalleled. With films, novels, comics, and videogames – as well as toys, gizmos and even theme parks – situated within the realm of the franchise, Star Wars mythology is stuff of modern-day legend. Filmed on a paltry budget of $11 million, the first Star Wars eventually went on to gross more than $450 million at box offices in America. Today, George Lucas sits on a fortune worth over $5 billion. But Star Wars material has always been handled with utmost care. When LucasFilm (now LucasArts) initially partnered with Atari, they sought to create innovative, technologically advanced games from the very start. Following this year’s Battlefront release and looking forward to the premiere of the Force Awakens, let’s remember some of the best Star Wars games from back in the day.

 Star Wars (NES)


The Star Wars game first released in 1991 for NES was based off of the original Star Wars film from 1977. The object of the game was to rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star, but gamers were also required to save Han Solo, Obi Wan Kenobi, and R2-D2. Light saber-swinging Luke Skywalker is the main protagonist of the game, and several iconic enemies also appear in this title. Boba Fett, Banthas, and even Sandpeople will try to stop Luke Skywalker along his journey to save the princess. The miniaturized 8-bit graphic representations of each character fit perfectly inside this disco-tuned universe, and for its time, made it stand out as one of the sharpest Star Wars games on the market.


Star Wars: X-Wing (Macintosh, Windows)


Star Wars X-Wing was the first flight simulator game in the history of the Star Wars franchise. X-Wing took place before the original Star Wars film, and the object of the game is to help the Rebel Alliance defeat the Imperial forces. The main mission involves intercepting information from the Death Star. This game was extremely popular among fans of the film, and several expansions were released. Even today, it holds up as an awesome example of early space combat gameplay.


Jedi Knight: Dark Forces I and II (PC, Macintosh)


The Jedi Knight: Dark Forces series were first person shooter games that released exclusively for the PC. One of the best parts of this series was its live action cutscenes, which starred talented actors and featured some fairly innovative special effects. Dark Forces 2 takes place 12 months after the original game. The protagonist of the game, Kyle Kartan, discovers that his father was murdered by an evil Jedi. Kyle must become a Jedi himself and journey to the Valley of the Jedi to kill his father’s murderer.

 Knights of the Old Republic I (Xbox, Windows)


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was one of the greatest RPG games ever released. Up until Star Wars: Battlefront was revealed, it was more or less unanimously decided that KOTOR was the greatest Star Wars game ever created. In the game, players are given the freedom to create their own character and choose whether or not to be a hero or villain. Aside from an immersive and ever-changing storyline, KOTOR also shines in terms of gameplay. Gamers can battle with sturdy Jedi lightsabers or blaster cannons, testing the limits of their own morality.

 Lego Star Wars (GameCube, PS2, Xbox, and PC)


There are numerous connections between the Lego universe and the Star Wars galaxy. Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales came out this summer (check your area for Disney XD channels) before the release of The Force Awakens, and the Lego Star Wars game was largely credited for revitalizing the brand back when it hit shelves in 2005. Playing with kids is when the game is at its best, because it incorporates puzzles and engaging Lego realism to make playing as the Star Wars characters that much more fun. Because it’s based on the prequel trilogy, certain “classics” aren’t available, but unlocking the final level lets Darth Vader and Princess Leia enter your arsenal.

 Star Wars: Battlefront (Xbox One, PS4, PC)


Game developer Dice is known for creating incredibly realistic shooters. The Battlefield franchise is undoubtedly Dice’s greatest franchise. However, the latest installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series could be the game developer’s greatest achievement to date.

This game is, more or less, the multiplayer shooter that Star Wars fans have been waiting for. Players utilize blasters, lightsabers, and even pilot x-wings during the intense combat that takes place on each and every game variant. The graphics are flawless, and the game’s soundtrack is amazing. Battlefront also gives players the choice to customize their own load-outs. Guns, grenades, and armors can be chosen to the player’s specification.


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