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Published on September 18th, 2015 | by gareth


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare: Reckoning

It is hard to believe that it is already time for the fourth and final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare but the Reckoning DLC is here and completes Advanced Warfare in a big way.

The collection consists of four maps and the great finale of the Exo-Zombies series and is a very diverse and satisfying collection which can be purchased by itself or as part of a Season Pass.

The four maps are as follows…



Set in a luxury hotel, this map has plenty of courtyard battles and intense opulence to house your action. The highlight for me is seeing the Plasma Fountains ignite and using them to torch enemies that get in the kill zone.

The map has an emphasis on medium and long ranged combat so be prepared for plenty of sniping and camping when you enter the fray.


This was a really creative and fun map that was set in a Bio Lab where players have to battle amongst the labs and parking lots all the while avoiding an incinerator that comes on line during prolonged battles.

The close quarters really is great for Run and Gun players who want to reach the score streak and unleash and assault of ship-fired rounds on their enemies.


Battling on an ice flow complete with drilling rigs and tubing Is a logistical challenge in and of itself. Now add in cracking ice, plenty of areas for enemies to hide and strike from and you will see why this is a real action-packed zone.

This was the first map that I played in the collection and I can say it is always one of my favorites when its turn in the rotation arises.


This map is a real challenge as it has very close-set buildings and areas for enemies to hide and strike from. The long streets and numerous windows and ledges make this a place where ranged shooters, snipers, campers, and more thrive. It can be frustrating but getting the drop on a row of shooters who are waiting for the next person on the street below to come into range is highly satisfying.

Of course the maps are not the only thing this collection offers as the star-studded Exo-Zombies campaign comes to a conclusion as you battle deep in the heart of an underwater city against an unending legion of Undead.

I got right up to the end my second time playing it before our team was taken out but it was a very enjoyable and intense experience.

The Reckoning does not try to reinvent the wheel but instead focuses on giving core fans of the series more of what they love, intense action and new and creative ways to take down other players in detailed maps with plenty of challenge.

While it will not convert you if you were not a fan of Advanced Warfare, it will be a satisfying chapter for those who are fans.

4 stars out of 5


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