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Published on June 13th, 2015 | by gareth


Naughty Dog Confirms Multiplay and 1080 For Uncharted 4 In Our Teaser Interview

During an interview with Naughty Dog for the June issue of our magazine, we got some interesting information on the next Uncharted game.

We will be sharing segments of the interview below, you can see the full one in the June issue of the magazine.


What has the PS4 allowed you to bring to the franchise that was not possible in previous games?


There are far too many things to list! Not to mention many things we can’t talk about right now, either. We saw a glimpse of what was possible with games on the PS4 when we developed The Last of Us Remastered and we were excited with what we could do when fully focused on developing a game from the ground up for the system. We’ve been able to do all the expected things – an increase in resolution to 1080p from the previous generation, increased polygon count for our models, more advanced shader techniques, new and expanded gameplay mechanics, and so on. Our cinematic scenes are now rendered in real-time. We could go on and on…


I think one of the most fun advancements that our community has noticed was the dynamic chest hair shown in the gameplay demo from the PlayStation Experience in 2014.


Multiplayer was a big part of Uncharted 3, how do you plan to use it this time around?


We can say that multiplayer will be in Uncharted 4, however you’ll have to wait a bit longer before we are ready to reveal more.

They also confirmed that the game would run in 1080 resolution and joked how much better the chest hair count was now.


You can see the full interview in the June issue of Skewed and Reviewed: The Magazine.


Will there be any new movements with the game compared to past games in terms of what actions players can take?


Going back to the gameplay demo at PlayStation Experience from six months ago, it was pretty clear that Drake’s climbing mechanics and animation got a substantial upgrade. Climbing with Drake now has free flowing movement to it as Drake reaches out towards potential handholds, moves towards and onto them, and then looks for the next handhold. It looks really smooth and reduces the need to hit the jump button often, unless you are really impatient.



Music is a big part of the series so what can fans look forward to with this release?


We’re working with a new composer, Henry Jackman, for Uncharted 4. You may know him from his work as a composer on Captain America: The Winter Solider, Big Hero 6, and Wreck-It Ralph, among many, many other credits. Look him up; he’s done a great deal of awesome work in film. We’re all extremely excited to be working together – the music I’ve heard so far has sounded great!


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5 Responses to Naughty Dog Confirms Multiplay and 1080 For Uncharted 4 In Our Teaser Interview

  1. My Name says:

    At least mention who the hell was answering the questions.

    • gareth says:

      That is for the full interview. It was Arne Meyer, Community Strategist at Naughty Dog.

      • mickael486 says:

        well Anne wasted a question on something every fan new back in December of 2014!

        • gareth says:

          Funny, thing, Arne does not see it that way. It is called official clarification and verification.

  2. Nice article, thanks!

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