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Published on October 16th, 2014 | by Neil Jordan


Talking Video Games, Playstation Vs Xbox, And More With The Band Darklight

Here is a new segment we will be doing where various bands, models, and celebs talk with us in either print or video about gaming and Pop Culture.


Okay, now onto the subject of the hour. At the request of the bosses at Skewed & Reviewed, i am to introduce a new segment. Similar to the ‘Geek Centerfold’ (which will be returning soon this time with video AND possibly still images) this segment will feature a music artist, group, or band. Unfortunately, one of the band members was fighting the flu and was unable to make it to the studio for a video interview but we do have video concert footage available for you to check out!
For our first ‘Music Artist’ segment, we’re going to go METAL !!!!
I have had the privlidge of attending several concerts featuring this band and photographing many of their shows over the last two years and not only is the music awesome …. but these guys are BIG TIME gamers, comic book fans, and movie fanatics. Only the drive behind their music and the loyalty they show to their fans surpases that!
Ladies And Gents!
I present to you, the first interview for Skewed & Reviwed’s music artist of the month …..
Little Ben, FreakShow, and Xavier Prime ….. DarkLight!

CameraMan: Thanks for takimg the time to do the interview guys!
Okay …. First question right off the bat …. XBOX or Playstation?

Little Ben: Playstation …. I still have my PS2

FreakShow:  I say Playstation bur honestly I will get whatever system that has the games I want on it …
I prefer PC though …. I still have my SuperNintendo, Sega Saturn, Sega Dreamcast, Turbo Graffix 16, and my N64.

Xavier Prime: Mostly because I cant afford it XBOX.  Though if im playing a fighting game, I prefer Playstation. I tried getting good at Marvel VS. Capcom 3 on XBOX, but I could only get so good with THAT controler! laughs Same goes for TEKKEN … i’ve been playing thatnone for years.

CameraMan: Favorite game and or game franchise?

Little Ben: Mario Franchise

Xavier Prime: Tough One …. It depends on the genre

FreakShow: I would saynits a toss uo betweeen Final Fantasy, Diablo, or Gran Turismo it depends on my mood … Oh! And Chrono Trigger is my all time favorite game!

Xavier Prime: Ummmm … Ill consistantly play ‘Call Of Duty’ games

FreakShow: I still play it emulated on my PC from time to time.

Xavier Prime: YES! I’ve been way more interested in going back to SuperNintendo. I was just playing SuperMario Star this weekend.

CameraMan:  Comic or Graphic Novel of choice?

Little Ben: I’ll defer to FreakShow and X on this one …..

FreakShow: Anything with Silver Surfer or THANOS … and before MARVEL UK went under. I really liked DeathsHead 2. I have all the series and all the rare offshoots of it as well.
Although Xavier recently got me into Invincible and Bat Girl.

Xavier Prime: I’ve been trying to get back into comics. I love both, but i’m more into DC than MARVEL. Invicible is awesome as well as DMZ. I am so far behind laughs

CameraMan: So if you guys were asked … DC or MARVEL?

Xavier Prime: When the New 52 stuff started coming out for DC, I kind of dropped off. Now i’ll follow artists when I can. Jim Lee, Joe Madureira, Leinil Yu, and a few more.

FreakShow: Throw in Image, DarkHorse, and Vertigo too laughs

Litttle Ben: I like MARVEL but DC has Batman.

Xavier Prime: Vertigo is owned by DC I think?

FreakShow: I would say MARVEL , but we all know MARVEL just steals its stuff from DC.

Xavier Prime: Actually, if you look it up, DC came up with a lotnof stuff first.

CameraMan: Star Wars or Star Trek?

FreakShow: I go both ways on that one. Star Trek has the hotter women but Star Wars has a slightly more interesting flavor in their universe.

Xavier Prime: Star Wars! Even though it was a sausage fest mostly. Maybe JJ will spice it up in these nexr movies! laughs

Little Ben: Star Trek bitches!!!!!! Only thing good about Star Wars was the first three films! And some of the games …. Hopefully the new movies will be better!

FreakShow: The Clone Wars animated series for Star Wars was pretty awesome!

Xavier Prime: I grew up on both, but lightsabers are way cooler than phasers so whatever ….

FreakShow: Yeah!  Nothing is cooler than lightsabers! Thats why its always been a toss up for me between the teo frsnchises.

Xavier Prime: Yeah! Clone Wars is badass! They should’ve had Square Enix style designs though. That would’ve been much more awesome than the look they had going on …. just my opinion laughs

CameraMan: Speaking of which …. Hypothetical …. You’re going to pick a fight ….. What fictional weapon and or vehicle would you imploy?

FreakShow: It would depend on who the fight was with laughs

Xavier Prime: It would definitely depend on who i’m fighting …

Little Ben: Yeah man, be more specific laughs

FreakShow: Yeah, C’mon man .. i’m not going to use a freakin’ SuperSoaker to fight AquaMan!

CameraMan: Okay! Okay! Hypothetical enemy …. The Chitari Army from ‘The Avengers’ for example?

XavierPrime: Lightsaber including the abilities of a Jedi Knight … Or a Veritech from Macross Plus and a YF-19

Little Ben: The Infinity Gauntlet …. and a tricycle.

FreakShow: The Defiant from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ….. or Optimus Prime from ‘The Transformers’ ….. Can I ride on him into battle?

CameraMan: I have no idea …. I don’t wamt to know either ….. Moving On!
Favorite Movie/Movie franchise?

Little Ben: I’m a movie fanatic so NO favorite movie. Favorite franchise would be James Bond. I grew up with it., it constantly reinvents itself, and will continue as long as the franchise exists.

FreakShow: Up until a month ago, the Sherlock Holmes movies, but now I would say ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ . I actually read the comics, and while they are not my favorites, they were good and the movie was awesome! It is the only movie in history I thought, “You know …. I would pay money to watch that movie in the theater again” …. aside from that, aside from that, I have so many favorite movies I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Xavier Prime: Attack On Titan, which was awesome!

CameraMan:  Favorite TV Shows?

Xavier Prime: OOOH! Game Of Thrones and The Walking Dead!

FreakShow: Can I be the one person who goes on record and say, “I hate the Walking Dead?”

Xavier Prime: F*** You FreakShow!

Little Ben: Family Guy and NCIS

CameraMan: Washington DC, L.A., or New Orleans Little Ben?

Little Ben: The original .. DC .. The others are stupid ..

FreakShow: I rarely watch TV but I do like ‘Fringe’ … my girlfriend got me to watch ‘Ugly Betty’ laughs
If you include anime … I really like the Claymore and Soul Eater series. Just started getting into DragonBall Z and Fairy Tales.

Xavier Prime: Game Of Thrones, Walking Dead, Family Guy, Futurama, and The Cleavland Show are great for just entertainment and therapy. I want to get into The Legend Of Korra. The Avatar cartoon is probably one of the best animated series ever! … And i’d like to say Shamalan sucks for ruining The Last Airbender movie ….. he actually sucked before that butmthen he made it personal.

FreakShow: I hate everything Shamalanadingdong has done.

Little Ben: I liked that movie …

Reportedly … Xavier Prime and FreakShow started throwing various blunt objects at Little Ben ….

CameraMan: As someone who has had thengood fortune tomattend quite a few of DarkLight’s shows …
I can honestly say you guys are “fan friendly” …. I mean you’re a metal band and still parents attend DarkLightmshows and bring their kids with them whenyou guys play all-age venues!  It’s pretty clear you guys are fans of music in general and really into the music you create. Does anynof this … games, movies, comics, ….do  you think anynof that stuff influences the music and your concerts?

Little Ben: NO! laughs

FreakShow:  Very much so. I think it is subtle but i always think that it gives me a feel for my theatrics and a sense of the dramatic (not drama but dramatic).

Little Ben: Porn

FreakShow: In a sense ‘FreakShow’ is kind of the ‘hero mask’ I put on to express my attitude towards things that are wrong.

Little Ben: I’m doing this upstairs …

FreakShow: Yeah … That’s what she said ….

Xavier Prime: I have never thought of that. Maybe? Sometimes, I think of certain cinematic scenes when writing or trying to get an idea across when it comes to how something feels. I don’t know if that makes sense …. but there it is.

FreakShow: I also think honestly, that my obsession with video games shaoed the way I approach the emotional feel of a song in a sense of the way it builds.

Little Ben: Boobs inspire everything I do.

Xaveir Prime: If I want to write a heavy piece, i’d think, “Could you play Darksiders to this?”

Little Ben: Comics have Boobs so ..YES!

FreakShow: Totally whar X said laughs

Little Ben: Nerds

Xavier Prime: Geeks

Little Ben: Dorks

Xavier Prime: I hate that people reveresed that somewhere along the years. Steve Urkel was a nerd.
Kevin Smith is a geek.

FreakShow: I’m a cross between the two.

Little Ben: Your face is a fork …. Dork! …. Damn auto-correct!

And there you have it folks … The charming and distinguished gentlemen of pacific northwest metal favorites … DarkLight! The first selection for Skewed & Reviewed’s music artist of the month. You can find out more about DarkLight and their music via their facebook page:


Or their page on ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/thedarklightband

DarkLight Band Members-

FreakShow (Lead Vocals/Guitar)
Little Ben (Bass)
Xavier Prime (Drums)

I’d like to say “Many Thanks” to the guys from DarkLight for taking the time out of their work scheduales for this oline interview. This is your friend neghborhood freelance photogapher “The CameraMan” saying thanks for reading and hopefully this will be the first of many artists that we’ll be able bring to you in this new segment!

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