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Published on September 9th, 2014 | by gareth


Talking Wrong Turn 6 With Horror Honey Sadie Katz

Recently we spoke with the lovely and talented Sadie Katz about the pending “Wrong Turn 6”.  Sadie was full of great things to say about the film.


Favorite horror movie of all time?


That’s such a tough question…I’d say “Nightmare on Elmstreet” because, it gave

me nightmares as a kid for like, ever. But, “The Shining” is just genius.


Favorite horror monster?


If I don’t say Leprechaun my writing partner Mark Jones will get pissed but, ummm…I used

to be a huge “Buffy” fan and I had a thing for “Spike” does he count? He was a monster but,

tortured- those are my favourite monsters the ones you fear but, secretly root for. Weird,



What was the first horror movie you remember seeing?


Remember that Disney film “Something Wicked this Way Comes?” There’s this creepy scene

with a merry go round, where everyone ages backwards and forwards? – I gotta watch it

again but, the movie was pretty creepy. I wonder if it holds up. I also loved the tv show

“Tales from the Darkside.” The opening was the worst.


Do you have a least favorite horror movie?


Yeah, actually I hate some of the remakes. What they do is get really beautiful actresses and

actors to redo the movies as if that makes the movie better. I mean, the remake of “Carrie” was

well-done on a level, the acting great…but, the idea that Chloë Grace Moretz plays Carrie misses

the whole point of why the original was so creepy. If they redid “The Shining” now…they’d make

the wife so beautiful and perfect and what made it so chilling is she was awkward in her look.

There’s a beauty to that too and there’s nothing scarier to watch on screen then someone really

lose their shit and not look perfect. But, that’s just me.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how scary is Wrong Turn 6?


Ha, I haven’t seen it yet! It was scary to film. Gory films make me cover my eyes and there

was some scenes I saw that just well…I skipped lunch a couple times. I can’t give stuff away

but, this one scene- I don’t even know if FOX will allow it to make the cut but, I laid awake at

night and went wtf just happened? Seriously. Cray. These films are another level.


How many buckets of blood were used in the making of the movie?


What a fun question! Umm…you should ask how many severed heads? Legs? Eye balls? I

have no idea there was a lot of shizzle going on. We’d be running from set to the special

effects trailer…sometimes people being carried so they’d be getting ready to be cleaned to

shoot another scene. Ummm…it was really weird. Funny, but…weird. We’d start laughing

and then get quiet. And then start laughing. It was kind of like the best, craziest, silliest

thing ever. I’ve never had so much fun on set. It was a mental mind trip. I’ll never forget it.

I don’t think any of us will.


What did you like most about shooting in Bulgaria?


I loved the city. I fell in deep, deep love with the city. By week two I was thinking I was

moving there. I’m from California. I hadn’t really experienced living in between seasons.

We went from winter snowing, to spring. In my hotel was a big picture window with a

window seat and it looked out over the city and it was just amazing. The crew was so nice.

In Sofia, Bulgaria where we stayed… I should add…has the most beautiful women…like super

models. It’s kind of shocking. The production company UFO Films treated us very well. So,

I loved almost everything…except I smoked entirely too much. Cigarettes are like candy



What will you be doing for Halloween?


Dressing as either a slutty cheerleader, cop, nurse…just kidding. Geez, I don’t know. I think

that’s the official date of “Wrong Turn 6” coming out so…probably celebrating. Isn’t that what

you’ll be doing?


What have you dressed up as – in the past- for Halloween?


I’m going to be such a disappointment- I don’t ever get bloody because, well…I’ve been

covered in blood for work! Ha, so yeah…I’ve done all those embarrassing cliché costumes

sexy devil, lil bo peep, Playboy Bunny, Bumble bee, blah…blah…last year I didn’t dress up

because I just felt like dressing up half naked is so over but, girls don’t have a lot of options.

I always want to do something super clever and buck the trend and make a big feminist

statement but, I’m in LA and there’s some fancy party that the invite says “ladies dress to

impress” which means half naked. What’s a girl to do? Chicks man.


What has Wrong Turn 6 got in it that Wrong Turn 1-5 don’t?


I think the cinematography is definitely on another level. Frank Woodworth wrote a script

that has a solid arch while making it fun and introducing some new characters. There’s more

kills, chills and ummm…I think the sex scenes are more ahem sexier. At least from what I

saw filming.




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