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Director Jeremiah Buckhalt Talks Blood Widow

Jeremiah Buckhalt is the director of Blood Widow. He sat down to talk to us about the movie, his love of horror, and why Jaws scared him so much as a kid.

The first horror movie you remember seeing…

Jaws was the first movie that really scared me. I saw that round ’84 or ’85. For some reason it seemed so real to me. It was like it really happened, like it was a documentary. It wasn’t until years later that I realized that it was all fiction.

Most recent horror movie you’ve seen…

As far as recently-released films go, I watched Tucker & Dale vs Evil, which was delightful. One I had never seen prior to last week was Fulci’s Zombi 2, which I loved.

Who is your favourite of the iconic horror villains?

My personal favorite has always been Jason, just because I love his mask. I played hockey when I was a kid, so it always stuck with me.

Favorite type of horror film?

Sci-fi horror, like Carpenter’s The Thing.

Favorite line from Blood Widow?

Hugh’s line where he says, “I’m gonna get my fucking crossbow, I’m gonna kill that son of a bitch, and gonna get my girl back.”

Favorite format : DVD, Blu-ray or VOD?

I like Blu-ray, because of the quality.

Who created the Blood Widow character?

I did. It was based on some old concept drawings I had done for another project, but when we had the opportunity to make a slasher movie, I thought she would make a good killer. She didn’t have a name at that time, but that came later, along with everything else, once everyone was on board with her design.

Which horror icon should the Blood Widow team up with – Freddy, Jason, Michael, Chucky…?

The only thing that would make any sense to me would be Jigsaw. She would be one of his instruments in his traps, like in a maze.

If you could have any A-list star to appear in Blood Widow 2 who would it be..

If I had the resources, Emma Watson. I’d love her to play the lead, but that’s wishful thinking and pretty unrealistic.

How did you celebrate the day of Blood Widow’s DVD release?

With most of the cast and crew, we went out and celebrated in a very traditional fashion by feasting and drinking, and then we watched the DVD.

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