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Published on May 23rd, 2014 | by Joseph Saulnier


X-Men: Days of Future Past (A view from 2 reviews)

We had two staffers attend the press screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past. See what they both had to say below.

Chris Daniels – Pac NW Office

Edited by Jeff Boehm

X-Men: Days of Future Past is tribute to X-Men fans the world over. Hollywood finally gets it right.

I am a fan of Marvel and the X-Men, having grown up with them in the 90s. I always dreamed about a live action film that took my favorite characters and made them seem as real as a good friend who also thought he had powers.

Over the last 10 years, we’ve seen some entertaining attempts. But aside from Iron Man, The Avengers, and First Class, Marvel’s big screen endeavors have not met our expectations. I’m happy to report that Days of Future Past delivers in the way we’ve all been waiting for.

The movie opens in the war-torn future, where Professor X, Magneto, and a team of mutants try to save humanity by changing the past. The entire cast from ‘X-Men: First Class’ returns: Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and many more make appearances (and reappearances) in their former roles.

Kitty Pryde has somehow developed the ability to not only walk through walls, but also send people’s consciousness back in time. (This make no sense to me, but hey, let’s run with it.)

As the plot unfolds, we are treated to a great battle scene where the mutants are unleashing their powers on a new model of Sentinel robot that seems to adapt to the type of power being used against it. The Sentinels are a seemingly unstoppable force (cue Norris / Diesel joke).

The mutants decide that Logan (Wolverine), due to his healing powers, is the one who will leap several decades into the past. They hope he can make a few key changes that will establish a new timeline, thus saving them all from the gruesome present.

So, Wolverine’s consciousness is launched back in time. As he awakens, he finds himself naked, but treading familiar ground He must quickly start the search for Xavier and Lensherr.

This heart-wrenching and action-packed journey will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the visuals certainly do not disappoint.

A few key take-aways.

  1. I was surprised by the brutality shown in the scenes where mutants were being killed. In some cases, they were even torn apart. This was a dark, gritty departure from the comics, which were/are rarely that gruesome.
  2. It’s hard to believe that Johnny Walker blended whiskey is the beverage of choice, over a finer drink, such as Scotch.
  3. Where was Stan Lee? Unless I’m off my rocker, he didn’t make an appearance. Supposedly, this is because Marvel doesn’t own the X-Men movie rights currently. Lee hasn’t had a cameo in any of the recent X-Men movies.
  4. I was genuinely surprised and pleased by all the cameo appearances. Most of the actors who played in previous X-Men roles showed up again, however briefly.

This is truly a great film. I encourage everyone to go see it in the theaters.

4 out of 5 Stars


Ryan Guerra – Arizona Office

X-Men Days of Future Past

I started to write a typical review for this movie. You know the type. Mention the director Bryan Singer. Mention the main actors and their acting chops. Mention a bit about the plot, etc…Then I realized. What’s the point? Anyone reading this review knows what they are getting into, a summer action comic book movie continuing the story of the X-Men universe. And guess what…it’s glorious.

Seriously, I’d be the first to tell you that I’m not a fan of the first three X-Men films. In my opinion, if you go back and watch them, they don’t hold up. However Fox did a smart thing by “resetting” the X-Men universe with First Class a few years back and now Days of Future Past only builds on that foundation. Bringing in veterans from the first films and bridging them with the new young faces of the franchise.

The film does a great job of giving you a “time travel” story in a way that makes sense. The story does not give gaping holes in the time travel and as a result, sets up the future X-Men movies to be rebooted in a new direction.

In all, the film is fun and does not feel dull at any moment. It is the best X-Men movie so far. It’s not as grand or big as the Avengers films, but 20th Century Fox is holding their own in this Marvel Universe. I can only hope they reach a deal with Marvel to bridge the two universes and we get some Wolverine vs. Hulk in the future. If you are a fan of comics, Comic movies, X-Men or just summer blockbusters you should check this one out in the theater. You won’t be disappointed.

4 out of 5 stars

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