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Published on May 19th, 2014 | by gareth


Antec H20 Kuhler 1250

The Kühler 1250 Liquid Cooling System is the latest and greatest in system cooling from antec.  The unit is  very easy to use and an affordable alternative to those looking to move out from the traditional air cooled fans. I used to be very skeptical because I thought it would be extremely risky to put any kind of liquid that close to so many high-powered and pricey electrical components. The new systems are self-contained which means that short of taking a sharp object to the hose you will not be developing a leak anytime soon and the performance is significantly better than air cooling.


The system installed very easily in just under 10 minutes and provided very quiet and effective cooling for the central processor unit.  It comes pre filled and does not require any maintenance. Thanks to a pair of 120mm fans and voltage controlled pumps the unit is as efficient as it is quiet.

For those that were not already impressed with how much heat this can dissipate from even the most advanced processors, the unit has a great feature in the form of the Antec Grid software which allows users to view and control the performance of the unit.  The LED of the unit even changes colors to give you a visual representation of the temperature.

For users with custom machines that like to run multiple cards and do marathon gaming sessions the need for cooling is even more prominent. At our AZ office, I can tell you that 115 degree summers are not fun without A.C. and I can imagine how much harder it would be on our systems should they not be properly cooled as with the abundance of conventions during the warmer months of the year we are always online our systems.


The units works with both Intel and AMD processors and uses a copper plate for optimal temperature control.

Thanks to Antec and the Kuhler H20 1250, I can rest assured knowing our systems are in great hands. Check out this item as it is another high performance item from Antec.

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