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Published on January 29th, 2014 | by gareth


What Does Sony Need To Do Next To Enhance The Playstation 4

It would not be much of a surprise to say that the Playstation 4 has been a rousing success to date for Sony.   Not only has the system sold millions of units since being released on November 15th 2013, but it has also remained hard to find for many consumers who did not pre-order the system.


While some would say the lack of exclusive titles during the launch window is one downside as is the difficultly some consumers have in finding accessories like the PS 4 Camera at many online and local retail locales, many know that this is a temporary situation as supply will in time catch up with demand and there are some great exclusives on the way.


With that in mind, I got to thinking about what Is missing from the Playstation 4 and what Sony can and should add to the system down the road. The company has been very good about updating the Playstation 3 via firmware updates as the unit today is significantly more enhanced that the unit we received at launch.




I would like to see the addition of 3D to the Blu-ray player. I know too many the 3D TV and monitor push did not take off as expected but many television manufacturers we spoke with at C.E.S. said that they have not abandoned the tech but rather have pushed it to the background while they wait for things such as more networks to start broadcasting in 3D and for the price of the televisions to come down.

With the arrival of UHD, some of which feature glassless 3D tech, this is something I would like to see down the road and I am sure Sony will look to include this such the demand arise.


Voice Integration.


The system has plenty of power and since the PS 4 camera contains a microphone, I would like to see some future games and features that can be voice activated. I had the idea of a Star Trek game where players can give orders like “Shields”, “Fire Phasers”, etc as something that could really work and players would be free to use the Dualshock 4 to pilot the vessel. I know this is a pipe dream to many but the system has the power to do this and perhaps it should. I also would love to be able to navigate the menus, watch a movie, power the unit on and off via verbal commands similar to how the Kinect works, and see more voice features included that will enhance the games and the system rather than being used as a gimmick.


Sony reportedly decided to drop the camera from the launch bundle in an effort to lower the price and beat Microsoft’s retail price point. The fact remains that the camera was originally planned to be a part of the system from the launch so this could imply bigger things are ahead.


Cross Platform Gaming.


I know it is a pipe dream to many but it would be nice to be able to play games such as Call of Duty: Ghosts and others with players on the PS 3 who have not been able to update their system. There is a huge player base out there for both consoles and it would be nice to see if this could someday become a reality. With PS 4 owners soon to be able to obtain older games for their system, it would be something that would greatly appeal to many gamers.


External Hard Drives


My wife asked me the other day if the PS 4 could be upgraded as with games becoming bigger and bigger, what does a gamer do should they run out of space. I said most likely they will delete older games, movies, and content but I believe people can upgrade the hard drive though doing so many not be factory sanctioned.


She said that this would be something they could look into. I myself wondered if a USB based external would be an option for those who want to move older content off their system or get extra space. At the very least a Thumb Drive may be an ideal option.



We would love to know what suggestions you have the Playstation 4 and what you would like to see added. Drop us a line at gareth@sknr.net

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