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Published on November 15th, 2013 | by gareth


The Five Worst Video Games of All Time

Over the years many video games have sadly failed to live up to expectations. While this is to be expected as you cannot please all of the people all of the time, some were so awful they set new standards for failure.

Here are a listing of games that were so bad, they should never have been released.



Desperate to cash in on the hit movie, Atari rushed the game into production and cut corners throughout to compelte the game to time with the release of the film.   The fact that they made more games than there were Atari Consoles in the market places combined with the awful gameplay doomed this from the start.  I still remember E.T. stretching his neck like a giraffe to float out of holes and other awful gameplay moments.


It is small wonder that the numerous unsold games reportedly were burried in a landfill to save future generations the shame and horror.



John Romero was riding high as one of the main people behind Doom, Doom II, and Quake, so when he left Id Software to form his own company, people had a reson to be excited. The game was touted to be so good that it would make players “John’s Bitch”, and was delayed time and time again .

The final release was so bad it lives in infamy as how not to make a game and pretty muche Doomed Romero’s company but not before earning him unwanted noteriety.  The killer frogs with the laser gun head’s are an example of what not to do in a game unless you are trying to earn laughs.


As a fan of the series and the off-kilter humor of Running With Scissors, I eagerly looked forward to this one and was even more thrilled when I was asked to voice a character in the game.

The development was farmed out overseas to a company that had experience working with the Source Engine and with a guest cast that included Ron Jeremy, Uwe Boll, and Randy Jones, there was a lot to look forward to.

Sadly the game that was delivered was not the game that Running With Scissors asked for and the developers refused to patch their buggy mess of a game. There was no multiplay, tons of bugs and crashes, and a disjointed plot that made no sense.

Running With Scissors have disowned the game and have said they will make a proper sequel for the fans who have stood by them and the series.

Trophy Hunting 5

If the name does not ring a bell, your in good company. The game was built by Sierra on their bug ridden engine that doomed Tribes 2 and Trophy Hunting 4. Unable to make a go of it, the game was never released and Sierra went through their Bellevue office handing out boxed copies of the game that had been intended for sale to the staff.

From graphical issues and gameplay problems, this was a mess from the start.


Hooligans: Storm Over Europe

The idea was interesting to me at first as players had to control Soccer mobs who battle over Europe in and around the stadiums.  The game was loaded with controversy from the start as players had to sustain their troops with drugs, alcohol, and violence and the ability to bring guns into play took the mob mentality to a new level.

The gameplay was iffy and the subject matter bothered enough people to make this one vanish and effectively ended the planned series.

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