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Published on October 21st, 2013 | by Ami-Jo Shriner


Battlefield 4 Preview

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You may have noticed EA’s Battlefield 4 is due to release on October 29th from the commercials on

your television. The release of the latest installment of the series brings much of the same interactive

awesomeness that Battlefield 3 brought but takes it to the next level.


Using a new concept called “Levotultion,” EA and game developer DICE allow players to alter the

environment around them in ways Battlefield 3 couldn’t. Elevators work. Buildings can be severely

damaged and alter the landscape, creating new choke points for you and your team to annihilate your

enemies in. Previously, many of the buildings were mere props. Some of the rooftops were accessible

by landing a chopper on the roof but once up there you were at the mercy of your ammunition supply.

Now, there are few things off limits.


Another positive change that should have Battlefield fans happy is vehicle and player health regenerate

faster which lessens the reliability on medpacks. The medpacks aren’t eliminated but with their

importance reduced players can concentrate more on the action and not trying to stay alive after a crazy



While Battlefield 4 lacks the overall demand and fanfare of the Call of Duty series it does bring a unique

experience to first-person shooters and this latest installment promises to deliver. Fans of first-person

shooters should definitely be excited and dedicated Battlefield fans should be satisfied that EA and DICE

are not resting on their laurels and are instead taking the fight to Activision, et al.


I, for one, am excited by the prospect of a new Battlefield. The series tends to be a little more realistic

and offers gamers more in multiplayer mode like vehicles and rewards teams that play together instead

of going rogue. Battlefield 4 should spice things up as we head into the Holiday season.



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