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Published on October 13th, 2013 | by Chris Gamble


New York Comic Con 2013: Day Two Images

IMG_3440 IMG_3439 IMG_3438 IMG_3435 IMG_3434 IMG_3432 IMG_3431 IMG_3428 IMG_3427 IMG_3425 IMG_3421 IMG_3420 IMG_3417 IMG_3415 IMG_3413 IMG_3406 IMG_3403 IMG_3401 IMG_3397 IMG_3391 IMG_3385 IMG_3381 IMG_3378 IMG_3376 IMG_3544 IMG_3542 IMG_3531 IMG_3516 IMG_3513 IMG_3511 IMG_3510 IMG_3488 IMG_3487 IMG_3485 IMG_3483 IMG_3482 IMG_3481 IMG_3471 IMG_3458 IMG_3455 IMG_3453 IMG_3451 IMG_3450 IMG_3449 IMG_3448 IMG_3447 IMG_3446 IMG_3445 IMG_3444 IMG_3443 IMG_3441


Pictures by Tracy Gamble

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