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Published on October 6th, 2013 | by gareth


Beware The Dark Side of Star Wars Casting Rumors

Lately the Internet has been flooded with several actors and actresses talking about, or being rumored to have auditioned for the new “Star Wars” film.  While I have been intrigued by the idea of Chloe Grace Moretz and Saoirse Ronan appearing in that galaxy “Far, Far, Away, “ I would say that fans should remember the flood of rumors that flooded the prequels and take rumors and reports with a grain of salt.

I remember Darren Hayes of Savage Garden being touted as a sure thing to appear in the film as well as members of a Boy Band who would make a brief cameo.

Add to that that despite the talents of Natalie Portman Ewan McGregor, and Liam Neeson, the films were still hampered by wooden acting.

Mind you, I am not faulting the actors as there was plenty of  blame to be pointed toward the script and the directing that was more reliant on FX and considered the human element to be secondary this time out.

My point is that regardless of who is cast for the coveted film roles, it is all going to come down to the script and the direction of JJ Abrams. We know what to expect from the likely return of Ford, Fisher, and Hamill, but will the new cast be up for the pressure and challenge of being cast in such a heavily anticipated film?

Not only must actors be cast on talent but for their ability to potentially appear in three movies and undergo the fan boy scrutiny that will follow. Look at how badly Hayden Christensen’s career has developed  since his lambasted portrayal of Anakin Skywalker.

The temptation will be to fill the screen with an array of special effects in 3D as that is what is expected from a “Star Wars” film. Abrams is facing the challenge of finding the right balance of human and digital elements so it is important to find cast members who share in his vision and who can work well with digital elements.

So while the rumor mill churns, remember the proof is in the final product so do not swing to high or to low on casting rumors.

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