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Published on April 29th, 2013 | by gareth


Injustice: Gods Among Us

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Superhero games of often been a mixed bag for gamers.  For every Batman Arkham Asylum, there are several titles that failed to deliver the goods and have been relegated to being largely forgettable efforts.  Thankfully Injustice: Gods Among Us is a very nice surprise indeed.  Not only is it a very solid and enjoyable superhero game, but it is a top-flight fighting game as well.  The game is told over 12 chapters and each chapter requires the player to play as one of several heroes or villains.  The story is propelled through cut scenes which outline a very detailed and elaborate threat to the world as well is the response that the various characters have to this situation as well as each other.

A typical chapter involves three or so fights that a character has to win in order to move on to the next segment.  Since the game is done by the folks who created the recent and highly outstanding Mortal Kombat game this format should be very familiar to anybody who is a fan of fighting games.  One of the nice features of the game is that it does not require the best two out of three in order for a player to advance.  One victory is sufficient but players get a letter of armor protection over their standard health protection which requires players to inflict a severe amount of damage upon an opponent to win a match.

Should a player fall in battle there immediately able to retry it and after a few subsequent failures the opponent’s abilities ramp down to make advancement slightly easier.  There are numerous combat moves available and they differ according to characters.  This does require a bit of learning as oddly enough I found playing as Batman to be the most underwhelming character of the game.  This is not to say it was not fun simply that I found his combat options rather mundane compared to that of other characters.  Since Batman plays a large role in the game you could see how this could be slightly frustrating to me.  Interestingly enough, Aquaman and Green Arrow were an absolute delight to play as I found their combat system to be much better suited for my style of play and really enjoyed the options I was able to employ as well as the phenomenal finishing moves that each character has available to them.

In one sequence I was getting pummeled quite severely by Nightwing who unleashed a furious attack on me which knocked me into a new locale.  Interestingly enough, the new locale was right into the arms of Killer Croc who was holding a meeting with the penguin and other underworld types, who were kind enough to take the time to smack me around a bit before sending me back out to battle.  There were also some interesting mini games such as shooting cars away that had been thrown at me and a very enjoyable one as the Joker or I had to deal cards at an oncoming enemy.  Failure to successfully complete one of these mini games resulted in starting a level with the reduced armor capacity.

As the game went on I found myself really enjoying the story but becoming frustrated with what appeared to be a slower than normal reaction time from the characters.  He did take a bit of adjustment to my gameplay style, but I was able to complete the challenge and finished the game despite some frustrations.

The game has some fantastic character surprises as well as some very interesting voice talent in it but what I find most amazing is the sheer value and variety of the game.  Not only are there the story and online modes which in and of themselves would be more than enough to justify the purchase of the game.  There are also challenge modes and scenarios such as S.T.A.R. Labs were various challenge scenarios involving different characters are available for players to test their skills in.  This mode alone would’ve made a very interesting and rewarding game and the fact that there is both a story and online mode available really allows this game shine.

When you do with superheroes you must have a lot of belief suspended in order for the story to work.  One such example was believing that certain characters could take the beating was being thrown down on them by Superman and come back for more with only a little bit of their armor or health diminished.  That being said, I was always happy to dish out more for any of them who wanted it as I especially enjoyed the phenomenal ultra moves of each character as well as being able to interact with the background and bring certain objects into play.  During one battle in a hangar, I was able to finish off the opponent by grabbing a tool chest and swatting them like a bug.  Another scenario allowed me to pull a missile that was hanging overhead down upon an unsuspecting opponent.

The graphics and sound of the game are first rate and there is absolutely no reason why anybody who is a fan of comic books, superheroes, or fighting games should not get this game especially with the promise of new characters and scenarios being made available in the future through downloadable content.  The list of characters in the game alone is impressive and this is truly a phenomenal experience for those who have been waiting for a games do justice to their favorite DC comics characters.

4.5 stars out of 5

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