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Published on April 2nd, 2013 | by gareth


What The New Call of Duty Gaming Engine May Allow And What We Want To See

During the 2013 game developers conference in San Francisco, Activision raise some eyebrows with their impressive looking graphics that are part of a new rendering engine for the Call of Duty series. Naturally details of when gamers might see the new engine in action were not forthcoming but speculation has it that the next Call of Duty game might be exclusively for the PC and next-generation gaming consoles. If this is correct not only would this be a fantastic achievement, but could breathe fresh life into the franchise. I recently wrote about the difficulty of having multiple developers working to ensure a new game every fall. While some jaded gamers have insisted that taking some time off might be the best thing for the franchise, financial responsibility would dictate otherwise especially when the most recent game generated $1 billion in revenue in just 15 days for the company.

Developing and implementing a new engine is not only a costly undertaking but it can be potentially filled with issues and delays. I have first-hand experience with a gaming engine that was the basis for three games that never provided the functionality and stability that the designers had envisioned which in turn resulted in the end of two popular franchises as well as the developer and publisher. Now admittedly this is the worst-case scenario but there is security in going with the tried-and-true rather than taking chances with and incurring the costs of a new engine development.

If the new graphics are any indication that a new engine is coming, then Activision is to be credited for being able to keep the series moving along while at the same time listening to the demands of gamers for bigger and better things for the franchise. Despite record sales, some people have bashed recent entries into the series claiming that they did not offer anything that new and were essentially reissuing the same game annually just for some new maps and weapons. Why do not agree with this sentiment I do understand that for some gamers change in the series is needed is I myself found the multiplayer element far more compelling than any part of the story campaign in the most recent release, Black Ops 2.

So aside from better looking graphics and facial animations what would I like to see from a new gaming engine? For starters, I would love to see the ability to include more players in an online game. Imagine if team sizes can be increased to 16 or more to truly build an epic team or even squad for some challenge-based missions or co-op play.

I would also like to see the return of vehicles in the series is outside of World at War, the ability to use vehicles and online play has been sadly absent from the series in my opinion. I’m not saying that they should go the full Battlefield route, but being able to bring in jets, helicopters, tanks, and other vehicles would definitely bring a new wrinkle into both the solo and multiplayer modes.

Another thing that I would love to see is an enhancement to the physics of the game. Imagine a more open world map where I can dispatch enemies by collateral damage or knocking them off buildings. This is been done to a limited extent in past games but being able to have a more sandbox approach could be just the thing. I’d also love to see a flamethrower added to the weapons options again and having fire travel over various surfaces to take out an enemy could be highly satisfying.

Of course the settings can also now become deeper and more involved. Jungles can now be teeming with dangerous animals and other dangers. The players pin down might be able to even things out by taking down various trees and using the falling logs to inflict damage upon the enemy. There is also the twisted idea of strapping explosives to a fallen comrade, animal, or landmark to set a trap that will make the enemy think twice about encountering you again.

The final thing for me would be a greater degree of character customization online. I would like to easily be able to upload and customize artwork and logos as well as unique uniforms and skins for my character. The game is always been highly customizable so wouldn’t it be great to be able to upload a photo of yourself to be digitally re-created as your online player?

Well nothing has been finalized bead on showing new facial animations and rendering the possibilities are endless and I for one am really looking forward to seeing what the future of the series holds especially with the new abilities that the next generation consoles, graphic cards, and processors, will allow.

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