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Published on March 26th, 2013 | by simeon


How Much Screen Time Should The Original Star Wars Characters Be Given

With the very exciting news that “Star Wars: Episode VII” has entered pre-production a lifetime fan such as myself is delighted at the prospect of new films in my favorite series as well as the opportunity for adventures to rival that of the beloved classic trilogy.

Anyone who knows me well is very aware of how much the films impacted my life starting in 1977 and unlocked my imagination to the point where creative expression was a constant presence in my life.

Of all the characters, Han Solo was always the one that best captured my imagination. I liked the rough, take charge nature of the character as well as his way of living by his own rules, without apology as he seeks his fame and fortune.

Of course his brash exterior covered his softer side but it was the complexity of the character and his rogue nature that endured him to me decades ago.

I was very happy to hear that the plan is to return Harrison Ford and the classic cast to the new film series, but it has made me question if this is a good or a bad thing. I think seeing the original characters is a very good and necessary step in the films if nothing more than to provide continuity in the series, but I have to wonder if time and age will have diminished the characters.

Do we want to see an older Han, Leia, Luke, and Lando awkwardly moving through fight sequences looking to be shells of their former greatness or do we want the former stars relegated mainly to cameos?

I am sure that Harrison Ford is not signing on to essentially wave to the crowd and move off into the sunset. It has been well established over the years about his issues with the character and his stated reluctance to ever play the character again.

I know money talks but to me, this indicates either a more substantial arch for the beloved scoundrel or perhaps Han is set to shuffle off his mortal coil. I do not think Disney is eager to remove iconic characters but what better way to shake up fans and let them know that nobody is safe in the new films?

So there is the quandary that faces Disney. Are the characters so beloved and iconic that we as fans will not mind wrinkles, gray hairs, and stiffer and slower action or do we want legions of young stars assisted by CGI to carry the bulk of the action?

I think that the stars are more than capable of holding their own and with the digital tricks open to them the folks at ILM can work miracles. We should not forget 800+ year old Yoda unleashing a fury of motion and action when pushed into battle.

No matter what direction the film take, I think we as fans can all agree that seeing our favorite heroes in action again is a good thing and that perhaps an old school throw down can give fans what was sadly missing from the prequels.

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