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Published on March 12th, 2013 | by gareth


Does The End of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Signal A Much Darker Star Wars Ahead

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm for $4.4 billion it was obvious they did so with the intent of creating new material in the fabled “Star Wars” franchise. Before the ink was even dry on the purchase, a new sequel trilogy was announced as well as discussions for standalone films that currently stand at five pending movies according to various reports.

The recent news that the promising Star Wars 1313 game as well as the popular Clone Wars animated series are in all likelihood done shows a real change in the way the business side of “Star Wars” is going to be handled as well as clues as to what direction the new films may take.

Right or wrong, George Lucas could steer a project from concept to creation and maintain them through sheer personality and force of will. If the Clone Wars was expensive than so be it, a way would be found to make it work. This approach served him through several projects but they were unable to tackle the issue of how to bring a live-action Star Wars series to the television screen without compromising the visual aspect and scope of this series.

The announcement that a new animated series unconnected to a previously seen timeline in the “Star Wars” universe is definitely an intriguing possibility as the ideas of showing the Sith Wars of long ago is very appealing to me especially answering the question that I’ve always wondered about as to why the Jedi were so convinced the Sith were no longer a threat.

Of course this has been handled in the expanded universe through books, comics, and video games so when Disney says a time error that we have never seen we have to take them at their word and be intrigued by the possibilities.

Disney has been very clear that their focus is on the new sequels as rightfully so, the enormous outlay of cash that Disney parted with to purchase the assets will need to be recouped. I’m sure accountants are salivating over the prospects of packed theaters, record Blu-ray sales, and all manner of merchandising which will keep paying off for well over the next decade.

What I find curious was the decision to delay not officially cancel the promising looking Star Wars Detours. The collection of animated shorts has won acclaim from fans and critics alike during its early debut, as people love the humorous look at the galaxy far, far away.

The fact that they’ve chosen to remove a humorous side of Star Wars as they prepare for the next film series could very well be an indication of an extremely dark series of films ahead. It appears they’re taking great efforts not to lighten the mood of the franchise and will perhaps create a darker vision of “Star Wars” has previously been seen.

Shakespeare often used the concept of comedy to heighten the tragedy that was to come in his classic plays. However I am intrigued by the possibilities of this move. Imagine a Han Solo that didn’t necessarily live happy only ever after with Princess Leia following the downfall of the Empire. In the generation that followed, perhaps the pressures of rebuilding the Republic and mopping up the last vestiges of the Empire have left Han jaded the point that when a new threat arises the wisecracking rogue was so beloved is been replaced by a brooding individual who only knows action and duty.

The possibilities are endless and offer writers all sorts of themes to explore such as the realization that the Republic that they fought so hard to restore is still plagued by the same issues that haunted the pre-Empire, and the characters have to wonder if their sacrifices were worth it and if this new Republic is truly worth saving.

I’m very curious to see what they have in store for Luke as the wide-eyed innocent as very likely been replaced with an older and wiser statesman who probably has had the burden of being a living icon while attempting to restore the Jedi order to prominence.

In the months and years ahead casting and plot news are going to start to leak out and eager fans will jump over every nugget of information a matter how small to dissect on various media outlets. Regardless of the direction director JJ Abrams decides to go I think we can all agree that we are likely to see a new side “Star Wars” universe previously unseen in both visuals and story.

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