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Published on April 12th, 2011 | by simeon


Sneak Peek at inFAMOUS 2

The inFAMOUS 2 sneak peek opened up with a new trailer displaying the hero Cole MacGrath telling his best friend, Zeke, that he may have more powers. The rest of the video is quick shots of the new powers in action. The game was then open to the media for some hands-on time. In one set up, we take up as the hero fights a three story monster complete with the glowing weak spots that just scream “Throw a car at me!” which happens to be one of Cole’s new powers).

Another setup was a mission in the game that lets you use the darker powers in the game and showed the power behind new melee weapon “The Amp” that has multiple finishing moves. The combat is just like the first inFAMOUS, if not a little smoother. Your enemies will still duck and hide behind cover but are still made short work of – until a super-charged one shows up to give Cole a taste of power that easily throws him for a loop. At the end of the mission there is another boss to take down. Grinding up ladders and pipes, more destructive environments, more powers, smoother combat and a chance to take up as Cole again and change the story with the karma meter? I’m down for it day one. But that was not all they were going to spring on us.

The last stations at the preview showed the user-generated content which could make the game last long after the story is done. User made missions show up on the map with green indicators as opposed to blue indicators for the story and yellow for side missions. One user-made mission was a tribute to Space Invaders, where players had to shoot down bad guys as they moved to the side and down in increasingly quicker passes, complete with UFOs so stop them.

Zeke’s story is another one where you must do tasks for Zeke to impress two girls, that get more outrageous as it goes. Sucker Punch has spent a lot of time to not only make it easy to use but easy to experiment with and make whole stories with texts and all. Another user-generated mission introduced the new sheriff. In this mission you had to take out a gang leader and his cronies. The mission begins with the bad guys taunting you and ended with them getting ran over by a truck. With that, it was over and left me wanting more. I can’t wait to see what gamers will make of the ability to create their own stories and push the game in ways even the developers had not imagined.

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