Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Switch

August 20th, 2010 | by simeon

I had one thought when I entered the movie theater to see “The Switch”: what a hodge-podge cast. Leading lady,

Vampires Suck

August 18th, 2010 | by simeon

Vampires suck – but does the movie? We open on the San Salvatore Festival with the angsty Becca watching her

Madden 11

August 16th, 2010 | by simeon

Despite the very warm weather, it is almost Fall and if the preseason games were not enough of a clue,

The Expendables

August 13th, 2010 | by simeon

The latest from Sylvester Stallone since 2008’s Rambo, The Expendables is a movie where the testosterone flows like enemy blood.

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